Friday, 17 December 2010

God = Purpose = Meaningful Life?

Somebody with the username of dunbar posted this comment on on a certain topic in Filipino Freethinkers:

"I believe we all are created for a purpose. and it transcends than just the "here" and "now". i hold on to the truth that my soul is destined for eternity. i am living in a temporary world, yes for NOW - thriving in a temporary shell/body, but I am created by God for His greater Glory.. now my question to you guys, where will you go after death? is death the end of you?? if you answer yes, then i pity you! you must have not known your purpose afterall! you must have lived in just a boring routinary circus without knowing where it leads you.. my friends, life without God has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning! God loves you, and He cares so much about you!!"

Here was my response:

"I do not need your imaginary Deity to have purpose. My purpose is to live. When I die, my purpose will have been served. I see no reason to make a dubious investment in an afterlife that may or may not exist. If there is indeed an afterlife, then how I will have lived my life prior to death will affect the quality of that afterlife. If there is no afterlife and there is no longer any "I", then there will no longer be any "I" left who will complain that there is no afterlife. Either way, I will have lived a happy life. 

Oh, and I am okay with impermanence. Yes, this "I" will sooner or later end - and what is so wrong about that? We live, we die. It is when we insist on clinging to one state that we suffer. Then we invent all sorts of fantasies to comfort us from the knowledge of our impending death. Fantasies just like yours. 

Comfort yourself all you want, but know that your pity for me and other like-minded people who have chosen to free our minds is unnecessary and a waste of your emotional energy. Your notion that life for a person like me must be a "boring routinary circus" is mistaken, for I am quite happy with the way I'm living."

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