Saturday, 1 October 2011

Osashiburi desu!

Hey guys, what's up?  Haven't blogged in ages.  That's because a lot of stuff went on in the past few months: Mom's death, finals, deadlines, writing part one of my thesis, revising part one of my thesis, and so on and so forth.  So anyway, it's been two months now and I thought I'd post some updates here:

We're now in our final module of the Masters in Development Management program.  Part one of the thesis is over and done with, now we have to come up with part two by Monday, then there will be revisions, plus two more advisory defense sessions, then final revisions and printing.  But that's not all.  We also have our electives to deal with - and the challenge facing me now is how to manage the conflicting schedules.  I actually have all my absences planned - as in, "On Monday I'll be absent in this class so I can attend this class".  Man why couldn't they have given us the schedules ahead of time so we could better choose what electives to take up?

Anyway, that's not the most interesting thing about school.  The most interesting thing was that last September 9, the entire class flew to Indonesia for the Center for Development Management's first ever International Field Trip.  We spent a week there visiting various project sites with our learning teams, taking lots of pictures and videos, interviewing the locals (with the help of our Indonesian classmates of course), and writing our reports.  Then we flew back to Manila and spent the next week going to classes and finalizing both the written reports and the Powerpoint presentations.  Then we presented to the whole class and our professors.  I stitched together some of the best pictures and clips of our team and made a movie, which you'll see below.

Anyway, I have to clean my apartment and write part two of my thesis so I'll end it here.  More updates to follow soon.  Bye for now! :)