Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Girl Gone Geek's Blog, Sandman, Tattoo Tuesday

While stalking the people I follow on Twitter I saw that Neil Gaiman (THE Neil Gaiman of Sandman and American Gods fame) retweeted a short link leading to this page: It's full of pictures of Sandman tattoos. It made me wish that I got a Sandman tattoo instead of the World from the Major Arcana Tarot. *sigh* Unfortunately, Japanese society (of which I'm a part of because of my marriage to a Japanese) doesn't look kindly on tats, associating them with yakuza members. Last year I went to the local pool in my wife's hometown and the lifeguard asked me to cover my tat. I spent a good part of the time with a towel strategically slung over my left shoulder so as to conceal the artwork on the shoulder blade. Talk about inconvenient! All this means is no more tattoos for me. All I can do is look at these beautiful tats and drool.

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