Monday, 21 March 2011

Bored now...

This is me doing nothing much.  Sitting here listening to Green Day on my iTunes while waiting for the next class.  This is me being bored and tired of dealing with boredom by checking Facebook, Twitter, and what-have-you.  And really, boredom is not so bad.  There are worse things than boredom - as the people of Japan would readily tell you.  Hell, after having recently had my wisdom tooth removed, I can definitely tell you there are a lot of things worse than boredom!  So instead of trying to escape being bored I think I'll just stay bored, thank you very much.  The thing about allowing myself to be bored is that I often end up not so bored after all.

To rephrase a popular Zen saying, "when bored just be bored."  No big deal.

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